Community Accounts

Small Budget? No Problem.

WBEZ has tailored, self-serve sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits, event organizers, and others who serve the community in unique ways but don’t have the budgets of large corporate sponsors.

Our Community Accounts team believes that local businesses and organizations like yours put the “public” in public media, and our listeners are your biggest fans.


Small business owners opening their shop
Small business owner in a storefront window

Our Commitment to You

  • We strive to give local businesses a leg up in the competitive world of public media sponsorship
  • We create simple, effective broadcast and digital campaigns that provide maximum results for minimum investments
  • Our streamlined services provide automated ordering, copy submission and up‑front payment

You’re Likely a WBEZ Community Account If;

  • Your company serves a local constituency or is locally owned
  • Your organization has a limited marketing budget
  • You are promoting an event or performance
Small business owners working
Self-serve marketing

Book Your Campaign Now

It’s so easy to use the self-serve Community Accounts Gateway.

  1. Select your budget range and create your account.
  2. Pick the One Size Fits SMALL package that suits your needs and choose your dates.
  3. Complete our fill-in-the-blank form so our copy experts can craft a memorable message.
  4. Safely pay for your campaign online via credit card. Don’t worry — your card won’t be charged until you approve your message.
  5. Tune in and hear your campaign on your favorite public radio station!



Discover the Impactful Reach of WBEZ

Were here to help you reach your marketing goals. Start a conversation with us today to promote your business across our multiplatform ecosystem of:

  • On-air messages
  • Streaming
  • Newsletters
  • Banner ads
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Print
  • And more

Hero photo by Sawyer Bengtson on Unsplash